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Category: Recorded Events

  • We Need a Reckoning Book Launch

    We Need a Reckoning Book Launch

    On December 30, 2021, we had the pleasure of launching one of our biggest book projects to date: We Need a Reckoning: Poetry, essays, and memoir by Women and Non-binary People of Color of the Tacoma, Washington region, edited by Gloria Joy Kazuko Muhammad. We held a virtual book launch and reading in which over…

  • Protected: “Reflecting Our Whole Selves” Poetry Workshop

    Protected: “Reflecting Our Whole Selves” Poetry Workshop

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Red Earth Book Launch & Reading

    Red Earth Book Launch & Reading

    On November 3, Blue Cactus Press and readers in the U.S. and Singapore all hopped on zoom to celebrate the official launch of her debut poetry collection, Red Earth. The event kicked off with a few words from the publishers of Blue Cactus Press and Pagesetters, whom collaborated over an ocean to bring this incredible…

  • Orca Books Poetry Reading

    Orca Books and Blue Cactus Press held a night of poetry featuring three BCP authors and poets on November 18th, 2021. Our phenomenal readers included Robert Lashley, Esther Vincent Xueming, and Gina Hietpas! Each of the poets reads poems from their latest poetry collections, all of which examine themes of our ever-evolving identities and relationships…

  • Entangled Empathy Poetry Workshop

    Entangled Empathy Poetry Workshop

    Earlier this month, Red Earth author Esther Vincent facilitated the Entangled Empathy writing workshop, which delved into ecofeminism and the intersectional self in poetry. It was an insightful and thought-provoking workshop, and we are excited to have captured it on video! If you missed the workshop, hit play below and dive in! ABOUT THE WORKSHOP…

  • Green River Valley Book Launch

    Green River Valley Book Launch

    Robert Lashley’s book launch for Green River Valley was powerful and surprisingly emotional (in positive ways), thanks to Robert, who shared his poems and experience in the editorial process, and guests Jodi Poorwill, Graham Isaac, and Kellie Richardson!  Watch the video below, then scroll down for some cool BONUS CONTENT from Robert! BONUS CONTENT: 10 Books…

  • Lie Your Ass Off: A Poetry Workshop With Michael Haeflinger

    Lie Your Ass Off: A Poetry Workshop With Michael Haeflinger

    There’s an art to lying in poetry. In this workshop, participants looked at instances of hyperbole and interpretation, but also at examples of flat-out making stuff up in service of a great poetic Truth. Under the tutelage of poet and educator Michael Haeflinger, participants wrote poem drafts examining notions of truth and fiction.  Hit play…

  • Moss Covered Claws Book Launch

    Moss Covered Claws Book Launch

    On March 19th, we officially released Moss Covered Claws, the debut short story collection of Queer, speculative fiction by Jonah Barrett! Hit play below to watch the event and revel in the phenomenal storytelling, fake piano playing, and overall good cheer of the event! ABOUT THE AUTHOR JONAH BARRETT is a nonbinary filmmaker, writer, and…

  • Moss Covered Claws Reading

    Moss Covered Claws Reading

    On November 19th, we hosted an informal reading to celebrate the Moss Covered Claws Kickstarter campaign. Along with author Jonah Barrett, we were joined by Daniel Wolfert, Cecilia Frank, Logan Fenner, and Alissa Tu to share not only speculative fiction, but creative nonfiction and musical theater, as well! Thank you to everyone who attended. Watch the event…

  • BCP Fall Reading

    BCP Fall Reading

    For those who couldn’t make it to our Fall Reading, never fear: we recorded the full event! You can now enjoy it at your convenience! Our reading lineup was made up of authors whose non-fiction writing graced our pages (and screens) earlier this summer. The lineup included Yousef Allouzi, Gina Hietpas, Tamiko Nimura, and Samuel…