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Confessions of a Modern-Day Kumiho is off to the printers!

Take a look at this book cover, y’all. It’s incredible, and it a damn fine reflection of the gritty, passionate, and unapologetic memoir of  Alissa Tu within its pages. We just finished it (I know, I know, should have been done months ago! Alas, life happens), and I am so excited to finally share it with you. It was designed by Knic Pfost, our creative partner and lead graphic designer, using an image courtesy of Alissa Tu. 

 If you’d like to purchase additional copies (our members – that’s you – get a free copy along with membership) you can preorder this stunner below. It will make an excellent Valentine’s Day gift for the disenchanted 🙂 And make sure you save the date for our anti-Valentine’s Day book launch at Browsers Bookshop on February 14th. More details coming!

MUAH – Christina Vega 

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It’s time to unearth our roots

As fall gets into full swing, our days get a little shorter, and we naturally start to gather ourselves up for rest and restoration, our team at the press is readying itself for our last book launch of the year. Without a doubt, Unearthing Our Roots: Restorative practices for cultivating spaces of belonging by Krista R. Pérez is one of our most anticipated books this year. Why? Because it represents the culmination of six years of work in publishing, writing, and community building. 

We are so proud to present Unearthing Our Roots to you, our most steadfast supporters, and hope you’ll join us at the book launch on November 18th at 7pm. We’re holding the launch at Parable (3502 McKinley Ave, Tacoma). RSVP is requested, which you can take of here

And of course, we’re mailing your copy of Unearthing Our Roots throughout the coming week. For those of you who want additional copies, you can snag one here.  

Thank you all for your ongoing support of Blue Cactus Press. – Christina Vega (Publisher). 

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Cover Reveal: Where Rivers Change Direction by L. Bundrock

We’d like to introduce you to the official cover of L. Bundrock’s forthcoming novel, Where Rivers Change Direction. This stellar cover was designed by creative partner and graphic designer Knic Pfost.

Here’s what the author has to say about the book design process:

“The recipe followed to cook-up the cover design for Where Rivers Change Direction was equal parts, inspiration, collaboration and determination, and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

Because design by committee can be tricky, though, I had trepidations about collaborating on the cover art. Here is how it went:

I used to have to take my delicate, elderly cat Pablo to the vet each week for fluids. One afternoon while we were waiting our turn in the lobby I witnessed an unprecedented kerfuffle among the otherwise poised staff. Every veterinarian, tech and staff member was on hand speaking to a couple of adults who had arrived sans pet. After hearing tidbits of what sounded like an elaborate strategy to get a wild animal from the parking lot to the examination room, I was convinced that they were about to wrestle a rabid tiger through the doors. I tucked Pablo’s carrier behind me and braced myself for the onslaught.

Two minutes later the door burst open and the pet owners appeared carrying two laundry baskets, each filled with wildly flopping bundles of fluff. A dozen golden retriever puppies tumbled with joy and almost spilled out of the baskets.

While I had braced for a tiger, the cover design process for this book, thanks to Knic and Christina, was a basket full of golden retrievers.”

Supporters of L. Bundrock and the press can preorder Where Rivers Change Direction here. And, we’d love to see each and every one of you at the book launches and events! Here’s what we’ve got lined up.