The Press

Mission: Blue Cactus Press is an independent and hybrid publisher crafting books that serve as community resources for and by historically marginalized groups. We center Queer and BIPOC voices in our authorship, staff, and collaborations. Many of our books are about caregiving, community building, equity, and self-actualization.

Vision: Our vision is to foster heritages of storytelling in which the voices and stories of historically marginalized people are visible, listened to, celebrated, and recognized as integral to the fabric of our communities. We want readers to believe their stories are valuable, and to see themselves and their experiences reflected in our books. 

Medium: Our primary medium is bookmaking. The spaces in which we connect with readers and collaborators include intimate workshops, performances, and conversations.

Community: The press is a member of the Pacific Northwest Bookseller Association (PNBA), a regional non-profit trade associations promoting literacy, free speech and independent bookselling in the United States. The PNBA represents booksellers in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.

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