What We Do

Blue Cactus Press is a micro-publisher based out of Tacoma, Washington. We craft books that inspire dialogue about our shared human experience, especially issues surrounding mental health, morality, caregiving, and equity. We strive to uplift voices from underrepresented and marginalized groups in the Pacific Northwest. We value community involvement in the arts and collaboration.

Why We Do It

We believe the Arts are vital for building community, providing positive outlets for self-expression, and encouraging growth. We also believe there are many non-profit organizations here in the Pacific Northwest working hard to keep those arts alive. When we can, we partner with and/or donate to some of those organizations. We’ve worked with Centro LatinoCreative Colloquy, Remann Hall Book Club, and Write253 in the past and are open to fostering new relationships with community organizations in the future.

Who We’re in Cahoots With

Blue Cactus Press is a member of the Pacific Northwest Bookseller Association (PNBA), a regional non-profit trade associations promoting literacy, free speech and independent bookselling in the United States. The PNBA represents booksellers in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.

We’re also a member of Community of Literary Magazines and Presses, an organization that “ensures a vibrant, diverse literary landscape by helping small literary publishers work better.” CLMP “communicates the art of literary publishing to readers, writers, booksellers, librarians, educators, funders and other literary stakeholders, and works to bring all of these communities together. CLMP carries out this mission so that essential literary voices from all corners can make their way from writers to readers.”

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