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Tag: Queer

  • Cover Reveal: Where Rivers Change Direction by L. Bundrock

    We’d like to introduce you to the official cover of L. Bundrock’s forthcoming novel, Where Rivers Change Direction. This stellar cover was designed by creative partner and graphic designer Knic Pfost. Here’s what the author has to say about the book design process: “The recipe followed to cook-up the cover design for Where Rivers Change…

  • Moss Covered Claws Book Launch

    Moss Covered Claws Book Launch

    On March 19th, we officially released Moss Covered Claws, the debut short story collection of Queer, speculative fiction by Jonah Barrett! Hit play below to watch the event and revel in the phenomenal storytelling, fake piano playing, and overall good cheer of the event! ABOUT THE AUTHOR JONAH BARRETT is a nonbinary filmmaker, writer, and…

  • Moss Covered Claws Reading

    Moss Covered Claws Reading

    On November 19th, we hosted an informal reading to celebrate the Moss Covered Claws Kickstarter campaign. Along with author Jonah Barrett, we were joined by Daniel Wolfert, Cecilia Frank, Logan Fenner, and Alissa Tu to share not only speculative fiction, but creative nonfiction and musical theater, as well! Thank you to everyone who attended. Watch the event…