Episode 3: Samuel Snoek-Brown, Badass Women & Whiskey

Featuring Tacoma-based author and educator Samuel Snoek-Brown. Sam is the author of the new short story collection There Is No Other Way to Worship Them, the Civil War novel Hagridden and short-fiction chapbooks Where There Is Ruin and Box Cutters. He also serves as production editor for Jersey Devil Press.

Pour yourself a glass of whiskey and listen-in as Sam and Christina get progressively sassy over bourbon and scotch. Sam admits his nerdiest habits, chats about bad-ass women in his life and gets real about tattoos. Three whiskeys later, we go down a literary rabbit hole you don’t want to miss (involving a vehement defense of Ozzy Ozbourne, fan-girling over James Franco Review and an introduction to “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Motherfucker at the Club” by Robert Lashley).

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¡Cover Art Reveal!

Blue Cactus Press is beyond excited to officially reveal the beautiful and haunting cover art for Samuel Snoek-Brown’s forthcoming short-story collection, There Is No Other Way to Worship Them

We’d like to introduce you to two original paintings by Show Pigeon, a tattooer and painter based out of southern California. Both pieces were created exclusively for There Is No Other Way to Worship Them and we couldn’t be more thrilled to feature them on the front and back covers.

We were over-the-moon when Show Pigeon agreed to collaborate with us earlier this year, as her artwork is not only interesting and vivid, but often includes early twentieth-century feminist iconography, as well. Show Pigeon’s online portfolio is littered with Kewpie doll-inspired art prints, figurines, tattoos and jewelry, as just one example.



Show Pigeon is the professional moniker of tattooer and painter Evie Yapelli, a Chicago-bred transplant to southern California. Two of her early loves were vintage illustration and pop culture, with sailor tattoos following not long after. You can see the influence of each in her stylized designs, limited palette, and retro subject matter. Paintings by Show Pigeon have been exhibited nationally and have been published worldwide in children’s books, art compilations, fashion, and designer toys. Her tattoos are worn by collectors throughout the world.

Show Pigeon

Head to ShowPigeon.com to learn more about the artist, browse her work or find inspiration for your own project, whatever it is. In the meantime,  remember to pop back to Blue Cactus Press in a few weeks for updates on the finished cover design, publication date and more details about There Is No Other Way to Worship Them by Samuel Snoek-Brown.