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Tag: PNW

  • Cayote Speaks to Me by Gina Hietpas

    Coyote Speaks to Me by Gina Hietpas So you want to know this place? Be up at dawn, when first light brushes the sky beyond the grove of madrones you call the seven sisters. Don’t whine. Learn by exposing yourself to the dark and cold. I sleep in the blackberry tangle edging the hayfield, my…

  • We’re Taking Pre-Orders!

    That’s right, it’s officially time to pre-order your copy of our two newest poetry books: What Us Is by Kellie Richardson (Richardson’s debut poetry collection, newly re-published with BCP and sporting a swanky new cover design) Publication Date: March 1, 2020Price: $17.00Pre-order here What Us Is offers readers a glimpse into the head space of one…

  • New Year, New Book!

    Exactly one year ago, Blue Cactus Press opened for business and started working towards publishing our first book. One marvelous year later, we’re back at it again! BCP is celebrating our one year anniversary with a special announcement about our newest, upcoming book by a truly talented author, Samuel Snoek-Brown.