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¡Cover Reveal! for Low Static Rage

Yes, we did take a month off to recharge, but now we’re back with a vengeance, Tacoma, and we’re ready to reveal the cover art for Michael Haeflinger’s debut poetry collection, Low Static Rage.

“Polar Vortex” by Michael Bolsinga, 2014

This stellar cover art is from a painting by Michael Bolsinga, a painter living in Portland, Oregon. It’s titled “Polar Vortex,” and was created by Bolsinga in 2014. Check out more of Bolsinga’s work on his website, or on Instagram @bolsinga.

And before you ask, friends, let us set the record straight: yes, we’re publishing a book with no words on the cover. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch!

Why? Because at its core, Low Static Rage is art, and the poetry inside speaks for itself. Haeflinger crafted each poem with incredible attention to rhythm, form, lyricism, and tone, and we want his book to feel and look as artistic in the hand as it reads across the page. With that in mind, we feel that Bolsinga’s “Polar Vortex” offers the perfect visual pairing to Haeflinger’s poems. “Polar Vortex” depicts the same stark beauty, tension, and simmering energy as Haeflinger’s poems.

Here’s what Kevin Miller, author of Home and Away: The Old Town Poems, has to say about Low Static Rage,

“In Low Static Rage, Michael Haeflinger’s poems ride the tension between the slice of the razor and the bleed. He packs powerful imagery and story, nothing escapes notice. He asks, “What could possibly remain/after all these Saturdays/ scanning the earth?// an old spoon, a pickle jar lid,/a busted wristwatch, a rusty knife blade:/what’s found can’t matter.” In Low Static Rage, what’s found matters.”

Read more about Low Static Rage, and what people are saying about it, here. When you’re ready to pre-order your copy (don’t act like you’re not going to …) You can do so online or in-person at King’s Books, or here with Blue Cactus Press.







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