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Tag: Writing

  • Writing with Gender-Inclusive Language

    If we truly care about creating a more equitable society in which a person’s individuality is not reduced to their sex and/or gender, than our language should reflect that. Writing with Gender-Inclusive Language A brief guide to writing tactfully as our language evolves   By Carlisle Huntington

  • The Sh*t You Don’t Know About Creative Colloquy 

    The Sh*t You Don’t Know About Creative Colloquy 

    Featuring Creative Colloquy founder, professional booze-slinger and freelance writer Jackie Casella. Listen in as we set the record straight about how Creative Colloquy got its start, dive into who (in the hell) Jackie Casella really is, and put a few people on blast. Oh, don’t think we forgot about all the rad CC events coming your…

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