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Tashawn Deville

Prickly Pear Podcast Episode 11: Tashawn Deville

Hello there. Its been a hell of a year so far, friends, but we’re doing our best to keep moving forward and to do so as community members with a standing responsibility to fight for social justice and ending institutionalized racism. In a beautiful synthesis of timing and energy, we just finished our newest podcast episode, The Prickly Pear Podcast, Episode 11: Tashawn Deville.

This episode features spoken word poetry Tashawn is known for around town. The incredible poem Tashawn chose to share, “AmeriKKKa,” was inspired by “the many social inequalities and injustices that I and many People of Color face,” says Deville. 

Hit play and listen to Tashawn’s poetry (seriously, listen). And if you enjoy her work and find value in it, please donate to her directly via Cash App, at $heypaymeh.

TASHAWN DEVILLE is a 20 year old poet, poetry slam coach and Tacoma Community College alumni living and working in Tacoma. She’s been writing poetry since high school, and is influenced by J. Cole, Langston Hughes, Malcolm X, James Baldwin and Tupac Shakur.