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We Need a Reckoning


Poetry, essays, and memoir by Women of Color of the Tacoma, Washington region Edited by gloria joy kazuko muhammad Publication Date: Dec 16, 2021 ISBN: 9781736820919 We Need a Reckoning is a deeply powerful collection of poetry, essays and memoir by women and non-binary people of color in the Tacoma, Washington area. Organized into five…

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Introductions by Brandi DouglasKrista Perez

Cover art by Paige Pettibon

Book design & layout by Aliko Weste

Poetry, Memoir, & Essays by:

Kim Archer
Gaian Rena Bird
Phebe Brako-Owusu
Aleyda Marisol Cervantes,
Judy Cuellar
Paula Davidson
Brandi Douglas
Chanel Athena Estrada
Katherine Felts
Marissa Harrison
Jasmine Hernandez
Janae Hill
Lauren Perez Hoogkamer
Hussein Isha
Eileen Jimenez
Kathleen Julca
Marisha McDowell
Stasha Moreno
gloria joy kazuko muhammad
Celia Nimura-Parmenter
Krista Perez
Lev Pouliot
Saiyare Refaei
Kellie Richardson
Katharine Threat
Kaia Valentine
Lydia K. Valentine
Tina Văn
Christina Vega
Jesi Vega
Jami Williams

“As women and femmes of color, we carry stories of rejoice, of grief, of resilience, of defeat – stories that sit like markers on our bones so as we age, we carry them with us – stories that pulsate through our blood so that when we finally cross over, we would have already planted legacies in the tiny heartbeats of the next generations to come. It is no small feat, the first day we choose to begin telling our stories. These are holy days.”

– From the introduction by Brandi Douglas, Puyallup Tribal Member, owner of Multifaceted Matriarch, and co-owner of both American Indian Republic and Bella & Belle

This anthology was partially funded by the Tacoma Arts Commission, which supports Tacoma’s community by funding local artists and arts organizations, providing technical assistance organizing Tacoma’s annual Art at Work month, and oversees the public art program.