Editorial Services

Creative Consultation

A creative consultation is a valuable tool for pointing writers, artists, and aspiring authors in the right direction. Whether you want to write or produce a book but don’t know where to start, have a completed manuscript but aren’t sure what to do with it, or need assistance with technical or logistical aspects of book production, we can help you take the next step on your path to publication.


Writing Coaching

Writing coaching is the marriage of three critical aspects of becoming an author:

  1. Tuning-in to your creative process
  2. Building your writing practice (scheduling time to write, outlining, writing, editing, research)
  3. Developing confidence to stand behind your work, both internally (self-talk) and externally (marketing)

When you sign up for writing coaching, you’ll work directly with Christina Vega, the publisher here at Blue Cactus Press, to hone your craft in all three areas. You’ll meet weekly to outline, discuss, and write content. Christina will also offer writing tips and suggestions based on your progress. She’ll ensure you stay on schedule to complete the rough draft of your manuscript by a date you set together (usually four to six months of consistent writing), and work through developmental, line and copy edits to complete subsequent drafts (usually one year from your start date). You’ll walk away with an authentic, polished manuscript ready for publication.



We offer editing services for writers and creatives looking to improve the quality of their work. We provide copy, line and/or developmental editing. Here’s a breakdown of what each of those entails:

Developmental edits focus on

  • Cohesion of narrative voice and storytelling arc
  • Overarching structure and flow of manuscript (this will include book outlining)
  • Problematic phrasing, narrative gaps, and appropriate language for your target audience
  • Necessity for and potential value added through book components like forward, introduction, and epilogue

Line edits focus on

  • Ensuring consistency of narrator’s point-of-view within a chapter or section
  • Correcting overuse and misuse of words
  • Ensuring sentences are clear, easy to read, and add value to the story
  • Tightening, expanding, and clarifying content to aid in story pacing

Copy edits focus on

  • Adherence to grammatical rules and correcting grammatical errors
  • Removal of typos and correcting spelling mistakes
  • Adherence to consistent spelling and capitalization of non-conventional words, measurements, dates, time references, and proper nouns
By estimate only

To book a consultation or discuss writing coaching and/or editing, email us at bluecactuspress@gmail.com.