Book Review: The More of Less

The More of Less by Joshua BeckerThe More of Less, by Joshua Becker, is not at all what I expected when I first picked it up. To give you an idea of what I mean, let me start with what I thought I was getting: a simple book about how to minimize your possessions and consequently, live a clutter-free life. Here’s what I actually got: a really cool book about changing your mindset towards consumerism, identifying your priorities, and living a mindful, purposeful life. Oh yeah, and there’s some stuff about decluttering and minimizing in there, too. But the great thing about this book is that the discussion of what and how many goods we should get rid of takes a backseat to that of developing a minimalist mindset and figuring out how to “unbusy” our lives. Continue reading “Book Review: The More of Less”