Who We Are

The team behind Blue Cactus Press is small, diverse and creative, and we’re happy to keep it that way to foster sustainable, responsible growth in the publishing industry. Learn about the hard-working movers-and-shakers behind Blue Cactus Press below.


Photo by Jennifer Preston Chushcoff

Christina Butcher is a Chicana poet, publisher and veteran from New Mexico. She has a passion for storytelling and community involvement. She’s a working writer and is a regular contributor to The Ranger and Weekly Volcano. Christina also works with Write253, serving as a teaching artist and event coordinator for the annual teen poetry slam, Louder Than A Bomb – Tacoma. Her writing has appeared in City Arts, Creative Colloquy, Hilltop Action Journal, OLY ARTS and Thurston County Chamber of Commerce’s VOICE Magazine.

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Publishing Assistant


Carlisle Huntington is a junior at the University of Puget Sound, majoring in English and creative writing. She writes for University of Puget Sound newspaper Puget Sound Trail. When she’s not writing, she’s planning the next creative event for her local campus community. She’s the head of the UPS English Department Event Planning Committee and she oversees the UPS English Film Series, Holiday Book Swap, and Campus Book Club. Her Other hobbies include crochet, embroidery, and boiling her entire identity into a pithy paragraph.

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Graphic Designer

Sam Tait is a non-binary designer and Illustrator. Sam is a graduate of Northwest College of Art & Design, and they’ve been working as a freelance creator for over five years. They’ve worked with Write253 and the Tacoma Public Library, and enjoy spreading art through education and storytelling. When they aren’t teaching or volunteering with local youth, Sam advocates for other LGBTQA+ creators and runs The Gayng, a queer Dungeons and Dragons group.

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Podcast Producer

AS Light

Austin Scheen is an all-around musician with a passion for sound. They have been in love with the magical influence of music all their life, and have been producing music for over half a decade. Austin’s top priority is to help others help themselves through the power of music, which connects us all without barriers.

Follow Austin on SoundCloud as Alkemist and Instagram @alkemist_official