Extraordinary Ordinary Moments by Jorey Hurley

Let’s talk about mindfulness, my friends, and the beauty of directing our appreciation and awareness of beauty toward the moments left unnoticed throughout our day. Extraordinary Ordinary Moments, a journal written and illustrated by Jorey Hurley, will help you do exactly that.

This little journal is a wonderful addition to the desk of anyone in need of a little help slowing down to “appreciate the beautiful, the quirky, the surprising, and the overlooked,” the author states.

eomThe first few pages of the book include a short introduction in which Hurley explains how over the years, her daily meditations in sketching culminated in the collection of short writing prompts and simple illustrations which fill the pages of this journal. In every prompt, Hurley encourages readers to look at the seemingly-mundane details of their day-to-day lives and acknowledge their beauty.

Readers don’t have to work through the journal from front to back, either. They can simply thumb through the book until an illustration or prompt catches their eye, instead. The artwork is simple yet quirky, and small enough to leave ample room for journaling.

Some of my favorite prompts include pages encouraging me to acknowledge “something unnatural,” “something kind of gross,” something that makes you believe” and “ingenuity” in my day. Without pressuring me to write a lengthy journal entry or scrawl out profound ideas each day, this journal helped me reestablish a quick, daily practice of mindfulness.

Personally, I’ve been enjoying this journal since it arrived in the mailbox. It serves as a helpful reminder to slow down and re-center myself when I’m at my busiest. It doesn’t matter if I doodle, jot down a few song lyrics or write about the small details of my day. What matters is taking the time to appreciate the hidden beauty all around me. And to that end, I highly recommend Extraordinary Ordinary Moments.

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For more information on Extraordinary Ordinary Moments, click here, or learn more about the author, Jorey  Hurley.

Just sayin’: I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for this review.

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