Book Review: The More of Less

The More of Less by Joshua BeckerThe More of Less, by Joshua Becker, is not at all what I expected when I first picked it up. To give you an idea of what I mean, let me start with what I thought I was getting: a simple book about how to minimize your possessions and consequently, live a clutter-free life. Here’s what I actually got: a really cool book about changing your mindset towards consumerism, identifying your priorities, and living a mindful, purposeful life. Oh yeah, and there’s some stuff about decluttering and minimizing in there, too. But the great thing about this book is that the discussion of what and how many goods we should get rid of takes a backseat to that of developing a minimalist mindset and figuring out how to “unbusy” our lives.

Each chapter in The More of Less focuses on a particular minimalist principle that, if followed, will help readers slowly adjust our mindset about how we spend our time, the intentionality of our actions, and how and why we’ve developed consumeristic habits in our society. Despite that Becker leads readers further and further into the principles of minimalism as the book continues, he somehow manages to keep the text lighthearted and down to earth (something I really appreciate as a frequent reader of self-help and inspiration genres).

One of the central themes, in fact, is an incredibly simple message: our obsession with owning things keeps us from following our true passions in life. I know, I know, it sounds a little cheesy, right? But it’s true for a lot of people, and this book can help us change our attitude and habits toward consumerism in a way that will free up our energies for much more interesting things in life, like travelling, starting new careers we’ve always dreamed of or finally diving into hobbies we’ve always wanted to pursue.

Overall, I loved The More of Less for several reasons, to include that the author offers readers a practical approach to minimizing possessions, the content focuses on changing mindsets before behaviors, and the message is simple and genuine. This book is a quick and enjoyable read, and I recommend it to anyone who’s stuck in a life-funk and needs a change. It’s also one of my new favorite books, just thought you should know. Happy reading, everyone!

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Just sayin’: I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for this review.

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